Cloud based Internet Telephony system allows users to communicate across the world through voice calls, fax, SMS and voice-mail. This system bypass traditional telephone service charges. As clarity, sound and quality are good, more and more users are choosing Internet telephony system.

Internet Telephony uses the Internet to make and receive calls. Users can make calls from wherever there is an Internet connection: from office, home, or on the road using the smartphone or laptop. It eliminates the need for hardware, installation, and maintenance charges. Simple to administer, there is no long term contract and has low set-up cost than the traditional PBX systems.

Cloud based Internet Telephony Service providers enable users to make phone calls using an Internet connection. Skype, Rebtel, and Cebod Telecom are some of the well known Internet Telephony service providers. These service providers offer a wide range of package services with varied prices. Based on the size, type of business, and volume of data usage, organisations can choose their service package. Before choosing the service provider, users need to take care of the following: decide on the speed, capacity of the bandwidth, and explore advance features that will support the needs of the organisation.

Not only for businesses, cloud based Internet Telephony services are available for residences also. They offer additional services that are not available with landlines. Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, simultaneous ring, address book, virtual second line are some of the additional features available to residential customers. Along with these features, users can avail low-cost, unlimited long-distance calls both national and international.