Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider is one of the three main cloud computing models. This model provides virtual server space, bandwidth, network connection, and IP addresses for organisations to adopt a dynamic infrastructure. It also makes their business future-ready and have prominent customers.

IaaS cloud solution eliminates delays in utilising resources. The services can be utilised whenever needed, and they have to pay only for the used resources. With the Internet connection, they can access resources from any location.

To protect their data from getting lost, small or large organisations follow diaster recovery plans that suit their business models. If an organisation has branches in different locations that follows different diaster recovery plans, it turns to be time consuming and expensive. IaaS offers a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure that reduces cost and handles difficult situations. The IaaS cloud computing prompts quick recovery with no loss of data. Organisations can access data through this cloud computing plaform and function as usual with email, web servers and browsers.

Organisations need not worry about the physical security of centres where data is stored. There is no single point of failure. Even if one server fails, the service will not get interrupted. Mulitude of hardware resources and configurations support the system to run successfully.

The IaaS model offers lower infrastructure costs. Organisations need not maintain hardware or network equipment or replace any old equipment. This pay-as-you-go model has significant cost savings. As IaaS use is metered, organisations have to pay only for the capacity needed at any given time. This avoids monthly or annual fees for features they are not using. The IaaS model demands no upfront charges, bandwidth utilisation fees or minimum term commitments.

Some of the familiar IaaS cloud solution providers are: Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace Open Cloud, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure.