With its assured availability of compression tools and data deduplication techiques, cloud based solutions for Security Storage & Backup can efficiently reduce storage cost of an organisation. In addition, cloud based tools are user friendly and can be used with ease. The management tools offer provisions that reduce the load on internal services of the IT department.

Small or large, organisations may sometimes struggle to handle the increasing maintenance costs of storage infrastructure. When the storage infrastrucuter is built into cloud by default, the maintenance costs become nil. Organisations can save from 30% to 50% in-house storage along with minimum finance allocation for IT overhead charges. As the cloud storage allows virtual availability of data consistently throughout the day, organisations will enjoy an overall improvement in production.

Cloud based data storage has not only simplified data management, it has given permission for organisations to exercise control over data used by the end user. With its secured, information rights management policies, cloud based data storage provide provisions to protect sensitive, business related information. Secured file sharing, backups, and accessing data in multiple forms are some of the advanced features available to the user. In recent times, increased competition among vendors has drastically reduced the cloud based storage costs.

The tremendous exploding trend in data generation has simultaneously increased the demand for better storage infrastructure and its costs. This increased demand has widened the need for identifying improved tools and skills to provide the best data storage managment. As most of the organisations make procurement decisions in haste to fulfill project requirments, it results in unexpected increase in maintenance costs. To avoid issues related to operation and infrastructure in cloud data storage, a coherent storage policy has become the need of the hour.