Cloud computing for Messaging & Collaboration enable small or large organisations to access from any place, with Internet access, resources that are available on a secure intranet. Users can edit or read encrypted documents in real time from any part of the world. It also provides a unified interface that allows users to utilise resources unrestricted by the devices they use. In addition, cloud computing services for messaging and collaboration are cost effective, affordable even to smaller organisations.

Years before the word 'cloud computing' became popular, users had been communicating through their emails around the world. Increased use of communication through mails and mobiles, unlocked Messaging & Collaboration from the enclosed space of corporate firewall and made it public. Encrypted email services enabled by cloud computing provide email backup and restoration solutions for uninterrupted communication.

Cloud based Messaging & Collaboration has promoted modern offices with independent workspace that has no cabins or cubicles. Messaging & Collaboration has also helped IT staff in an organisation to focus on productivity activities that can help the business to grow.

Online meetings, real time chat, audio or video conferencing, social networks and intranets have become the common norm in an organisation that wants contacts across the city, country and other countries. If a growing organisation wants to improve its infrastructure increase productivity, surplus funds may be needed. Cloud computing based Messaging & Collaboration will definitely save the organisation from spending more on updated servers or office infrastructure. Anytime, anywhere access has become a business necessity to get connected with customers across the world and help the business to grow and gain the maximum profit.