Cloud computing in business applications offer flexibility, security, diaster recovery, software update, maximum collaboration and facility to work from any place. It is cost effective for it helps both large and small organisations to minimise operational costs that involves basic infrastructure, administration, power and other related expenses. Cloud based business applications are affordable to both large and smaller businesses.

Cloud based business applications are utilised by business organisations as pay per user model. This gives the flexibility of paying only for the period, the services are utilised. Organisations need not worry on spending extra funds for IT capital investment. Organisations can also save capital cost that involves in-house server storage and related application requirements.

In addition to being cost effective, the cloud based business applications are reliable and manageable also. The cloud computing services are run from a professionally managed infrastructure that offers consistent services along with a failover mechanism.

If a server fails, during an important business execution, the hosted services and applications can be easily transferred to any one of the available servers. Most of the service providers guarantee efficient functioning throughout the year for 365 days, 24 hours for 7 days in the entire week and assure availability upto 99.99%. There is no expensive annual maintenance cost as it is taken care of from the monthly fees paid by the user.

Though an organisation may share its potential information in a shared environment by using the cloud based business applications, provisions are available for higher security and automatic data backup. Both smaller and large businesses demand the same level of importance to deploy cloud based applications that can yield tangible and significant results.