Digital content has become the norm of the day. The growing need for more and more digital content at all levels has initiated the need to identify the better Document Management System. As huge amount of digital data has been handled by organisations every day, the document management systems have become one of their valuable assets also. Secured storage, permissions, sharing documents, document collaboration, easy upload of multiple files and folders, search for files, keeping track, control, and online data backup are the important features of cloud based document managment system.

Document Management System plays an important role for organisations, who have their offices at various locations. A simple, cloud computing document management system helps them to share work related documents or updated information in every day context without difficulty. Cloud computing offers a secured virtual space to store and access resources with ease. Mostly the solutions are based on the requirement of customers that fulfills both the organisational needs and the domain they are specialised in.

Organisations can protect their valid data in a highly secured web environment with the options to store, organise, search, collaborate and manage data. Many organisations prefer cloud computing document management system for it offers the benefits of maintaining a document management system not only within their office premises, but also in a secured, online environment where employees can access files from any device, at any time.

If an organisation wants to establish its customised document management system within its office premises, it may be expensive and also have features that will not used at any time. A cloud computing document management system can save expenditure on servers, hardware, employee training and consultant fees. It also saves time spent in the approval process. In a normal work space, it takes time to receive a document, review and get approved. In a cloud system, the process can happen within minutes that avoids a customer from waiting long to get the approval.

The data management system at an organisation can be installed and run within 15 minutes. As the documents stored on cloud are secured, they can be recovered easily and saved from being lost forever.