Cloud based solutions help Development & Testing projects to sail through successfully. It allows developers at the organisations to be independent and meet project deadlines without difficulty. The projects can be designed to meet the demands of business needs that keeps on changing, increase the momentum of development/test cycles and experiment with zero risk potential.

Test environment for developers can be set without wasting much time which can be saving funds for the organisation. Developers can run a PaaS or IaaS or SaaS cloud within minutes. It also provides the flexibility to pay for what they need, and also when they need it.

Cloud computing offers a virtual environment that can run pre-built application within minutes. As the cloud computing platform charges are based on the usage, both small and large organisations can monitor usage and evolve a cost saving plan for their future that can be beneficial to all organisations.

Development & Testing is not critical by nature and so it must be independent, and different from the production environment. If an organisation wants to adopt cloud computing platform for their Development and Testing, it must follow a defined data classification process with a strong data privacy policy.

Most of the cloud PaaS or IaaS or SaaS vendors provide extensive management catalogs and tools. They also provide a user friendly interface for various provisions and for billing also. The billing system generate detailed usage reports that can help the organisation to track and assure maximum usage of available resources. Servers on the cloud can be assessed virtually along with many automated templates and options.

With the developer tools moved to cloud computing platforms, organisations may have 95% of workload on the clouds. This can help them to reduce the burden on the IT department and help to utilise the resources with speed and ease.