Human Capital Management has a significant role in all organisations for it helps in the process of recruitment, training, and retaining talented workforce. An intergrated cloud based platform for human capital management comes in handy whenever the organisation has plans for expansion or taking up new projects. These cloud based solutions help organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

Now-a-days organisations face new challenges every day. Due to this, organisations are forced to make changes frequently in their way of working. The human resource departments in organisations understand these changing needs to frame new plans and guidelines accordingly.

In the present day context, the role of the human resource department has changed to a greater extent. Along with its usual responsibilities, the modern HR department needs new tools and abilities to offer support for executing the updated business strategies successfully. There are many cloud based human capital management solutions that can be chosen from.

Infor Cloudsuite HCM, Microsoft Azure Stack, Oracle HCM Cloud are some of the popular cloud based tools utilised by small and large organisations to meet their requirements. These cloud based human management solutions help organisations to analyse and modify organisational structure to suit the new trends of their business models. It also helps businesses to configure, manage and optimise the business processes followed.

The cloud based human capital management solutions have helped organisations to replace complex, time-consuming processes with flexibile, user friendly, technology supported system. With these solutions, the HR personnel in an organisation will also be able to deliver processes that are streamlined to the capacity of the available workforce.