Cloud based Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions can efficiently assist organisations that manage multiple projects and believe in centralised project planning. These tools offer support in capacity planning, portfolio management, resource management, approval processes, and generating reports. Cloud PPM can be accessed virtually any time, anywhere. With a browser, user can just log in and start working.

Cloud computing PPM tools help project managers, decision makers and every one enrolled in the project. The tool can be used from the beginning to the completion of the project. It also helps in choosing the right projects suitable to the business strategies of the organisations. The PPM tool also helps organisations to simplify the process of managing teams, assign tasks, execute projects and employee collaboration. With these tools, organisations can spend time on strengthening their activities that focus on business empowerment, portfolio management, and resource management.

Some of the familiar cloud based Project Portfolio Management software are: MS Project by Microsoft, CA PPM by CA Technologies, Daptiv PPM by Changepoint, Project Monitor by Virage Group, Integrated Project Management by CAMMS, Antura Projects by Antura, Oracle Primavera by Oracle, RationalPlan by Stand By Soft, Bubble Innovator by Bubble Innovation.

Cloud Portfolio Management (CPM) is designed to help organisations to benefit from the growing list of cloud based solutions. Each cloud has different characteristics, resource sizes, types, security capabilities, and behaviours. It also helps to identify the cloud that will suit the business profile of the organisation. In addition, it also provides the guidance if the organisation wants to move to another cloud application of its choice based on the changing needs of the organisation.

IT teams in organisations maintain, control and manage cloud usage. Analysing the past, present and future cloud usage, IT teams guide organisations with their suggestions to purchase and deploy cloud solutions.