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Enterprise Mobility Management

In the early days of business mobility, MDM was a powerful tool that helped IT staff manage mobile devices and keep them secure. However, the needs of the company have grown beyond simple MDM; more mobile workers, more types and models of mobile devices, and more capabilities on those devices has significantly increased the mobile management challenge. In addition, your mobile workers need to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. They need access to key business applications and important company content, but everything still needs to be manageable and secure. Today’s mobile businesses need Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

From deployment to retirement, SOTI EMM makes it easy to manage mobile devices and their applications, content and security. It doesn’t matter what make, model or operating system, our EMM solution handles BYOD devices as easily as it manages corporate-liable devices. No other EMM vendor can come close to SOTI’s rich history of product innovation and customer satisfaction. Over 15,000 customers across 170 countries rely on SOTI MobiControl for their EMM needs.

  • Provisioning
  • Security
  • Management
  • Applications
  • Content
  • Retirement

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) improves mobile worker productivity and makes their device more secure. However, as mobile devices become more capable, MDM has had to evolve to the next level; Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). EMM provides all of the core functions of MDM, PLUS the management of applications, content, and email.

When you are looking for a MDM solution, SOTI is the expert in the field. We have been an industry leader in the MDM market for over two decades. In fact, we helped define the market; starting with the remote management of Pocket PC’s and Windows CE rugged devices, and evolving over the years to the lifecycle management of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

  • Device Management
  • Device Security

Mobile Security

Security is a journey, not a destination. In today’s business world you must do everything you can to maximize mobile security, and keep continuing to do so. Each element of mobile security; physical, network, data and device are mutually dependent. If any one of them is missing, the others are compromised. You need a comprehensive mobile security solution that delivers all of these security elements and builds a solid foundation for your business mobile security needs. In addition, new security threats pop up every day, you need a flexible mobile security solution that can adapt to new security threats before they become a problem.

SOTI EMM does it all, security is our middle name. We enforce device authentication, data encryption and manage certificates to prevent unauthorized device use and data loss. SOTI supports containerization to assure regulatory compliance, and prevent the misuse of valuable company assets. We track lost or stolen devices, and can shut them down or remote wipe them in the field if required. The bottom Line? SOTI steers you on your journey to mobile security.

  • Physical Security
  • Device Security
  • Data Security
  • Network Security

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Internet of Things: Managing the Next Technology Trend

It may be a surprise to many, but the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for a while. It is only over the last few years has it taken off, been “acronym-ized,” and started to receive media attention. It is called the Internet of Things, because almost anything can be connected and controlled. Things you use everyday are already IoT endpoints; your TV set top box, your smart thermostat, your remote car starter or even the car itself. Wearable technology like fitness peripherals and smart watches are a growing IoT trend and who knows where the next consumer outbreak of IOT will occur. From a business perspective, the challenge of IoT is how to manage and secure these new endpoints as they come online. How do you protect the privacy of your driving information or stop people from lowering the temperature on your smart thermostat? How do you push updates onto millions of buggy smartwatches? The possibilities of IoT are endless, but so are the risks if left un-managed and un-secure. That is where SOTI comes in.

SOTI is a pioneer in Mobile Device Management. For over two decades SOTI has delivered mobility management solutions and led the market with many industry firsts. For example, SOTI was the first EMM provider to support Zebra Mobile Printers. We enabled IT staff to enroll, configure, and manage connected printers along with other their mobile endpoints. No additional device management solution was required and IT Admin can do everything from a single, easy-to-use interface. SOTI is also working with Vuzix to provide an EMM interface for their smartglasses and digital AR (Augmented Reality) solutions. SOTI will follow the emergence of IoT and continue to provide industry leading mobility management for all endpoints, whether you wear it, carry it or drive it.

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Multi-OS Compatibility

Business mobility is a complicated management challenge. Laptop, Smartphone or tablet? BYOD vs. Corporate liable? iOS, Android or Windows? The permutations and combinations seem endless, and sometimes there is no simple choice. One area of the company may require specialized rugged devices, and another just needs a standard smartphone. Businesses want an EMM solution that is form-factor and OS independent; able to support their requirements for one type of device, or many. SOTI is completely device and operating system agnostic.

No one knows the nitty-gritty details of mobile devices as well as SOTI. Our strong relationships with over 70 hardware manufacturers give us incredible insight into development road maps. We know about new devices and features early, and we make sure that we work with them perfectly when they are released. SOTI runs an in-house device certification program to ensure that new hardware, and operating systems work as expected. SOTI does all the hard work, leaving the easy EMM decisions for the enterprise.

Android Management

Because of its open origins, Android has often been perceived as less secure than other mobile operating systems. This is no longer true. SOTI enables businesses to manage, secure, track, configure and support their corporate-liable and/or BYOD Android devices.

SOTI directly partners with over 70 mobile device manufacturers; we work very closely with the four largest Android device manufacturers that currently dominate the market. SOTI is always driving toward MORE open standards and MORE common API’s. This makes business mobility easier for our customers.

  • Android+
  • Android for Work
  • Samsung KNOX

Windows Management

SOTI has been managing all versions of Windows devices since they first debuted in 1996. We were the first to provide device management for rugged Windows CE devices, and today we are an industry leader for the business mobility management of Windows 10 end-points; smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. SOTI delivers device management, cost savings and enhanced mobile security to your corporate-liable and/or BYOD Windows mobile devices. It is the EMM solution of choice to optimize efficiency and take charge of your Windows business mobility deployment.

iOS Management

The consumer origins of iOS has led some companies to question its readiness for business deployments. SOTI answers that question with a resounding YES. We enable your business to manage and secure any iOS device; corporate-liable or BYOD; tablet or smartphone. Our integrated application and content management features broaden the business mobility capabilities of iOS even further. When partnered with SOTI, iOS is definitely ready to get down to business.

  • SDK for iOS
  • Device Enrollment Plan
  • Volume Purchase Plan

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Telecom Expense Management

A growing number of mobile workers rely on their mobile devices for their day to day work. Not just email and calendars, they need access to business documents, ERP & SFA systems and important line-of-business (LOB) solutions. Your business needs to support these trends with a comprehensive mobility strategy.

The growth of enterprise mobility puts added strain on the IT department. They want to empower the mobile worker, but also manage and secure their devices. They need track and manage the costs due to the increase in mobility; voice, text and data roaming charges and long distance. Managing telecom expenses is necessary for a business to make efficient use of their enterprise mobility investments.

SOTI delivers an integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution. We streamline mobile operations and manage voice and data utilization, allowing businesses to keep telecom expenses under control. IT can track and manage voice and data use. They can set soft thresholds that trigger notifications for users or groups that exceed predefined limits. Alternatively, hard thresholds can be implemented to disable SMS/MMS messaging, turn off data, or even restrict voice calling if a user exceeds their plan limit.

  • Device Messaging Policies
  • Phone Call Policies
  • Cellular and Data Roaming Controls
  • Robust Reporting

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Cloud Services

Taken individually, mobile and cloud technologies each make your business more productive. But when combined, they are revolutionary - their synergy can transform your business. You can leverage SOTI’s extensive market experience to get a world class, hosted EMM solution up and running in hours, not days, weeks or months. SOTI MobiControl Cloud is a secure, comprehensive, hosted version of our enterprise mobility management solution.

  • Instant and Always On
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup & Restore


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SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Built on a solid foundation of mobile security and device management, it delivers enhanced EMM features like; application management, content management, location services and remote help. SOTI MobiControl ‘s advanced security features enable your business to maintain full control over who is using your mobile devices and how they are using them. We ensure that all data on the device, or moving between the device and your company servers remains private and secure.

SOTI takes the complexity out of mobility management. We are mobile device manufacturer and operating system agnostic. SOTI rapid deployment features get devices into the hands of your workers faster, with fewer errors and less effort. Our powerful, intuitive interface makes it easy to manage hundreds, even thousands of devices through a single pane of glass. As the mobile marketplace changes and new technologies, new devices, and new features are introduced, SOTI will be there to support you with a proven EMM solution.

SOTI MobiControl Key Features

SOTI MobiControl delivers more than just industry leading mobile device management and security. We enable your IT staff to manage every aspect of the company’s mobile devices, hardware, software, content and data. And we do it throughout the entire lifecycle of your devices, from provisioning to retirement. Because we are completely device and operating system agnostic, we work on every Android, Windows or iOS device. Even when a hardware manufacturer adds proprietary API’s to extend their MDM capabilities, SOTI guarantees compatibility. No one knows business mobility like SOTI, and no one offers a broader, more tested suite of features.

  • Provisioning
  • Enrollment
  • Devices
  • Applications
  • Content
  • Retirement

Deployment Options

Perhaps you just want to run a pilot project, or maybe you are ready to go “all-in;” whatever your preferred approach, you want it to be fast and easy. SOTI offers multiple deployment options to get your system up and running quickly, with minimal effort. SOTI MobiControl’s solution delivery options cater to organizations of all sizes, industries and security requirements. For example, if you want to test the product with a couple of hundred users, then maybe a cloud deployment is a good place to start. Alternatively, you operate in a regulated industry and have strict security and privacy constraints and therefore need to install SOTI MobiControl on premise. Don’t forget, our SOTI Professional Services team is here to help you determine what options is best for your business.

Pocket Controller

Pocket Controller is an advanced Help Desk solution with remote control functionality. Built using SOTI’s award-winning technology, Pocket Controller offers a suite of powerful features including: real-time remote control, file/data transfer, registry editing, remote task management, remote scripting, system status, battery status, soft/hard device resets and much more.

There are four basic versions of Pocket Controller

  • Pocket Controller Android
  • Pocket Controller Windows Mobile and Windows CE
  • Pocket Controller Enterprise (devices running Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 2003 and CE 4.2)
  • Pocket Controller Blackberry

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