SecureZIP® software for Smart Encryption everywhere

SecureZIP software brings an intelligent, flexible approach to protecting data. Usability and cost no longer have to be considered a trade-off when securing business information. Smart Encryption from SecureZIP armors data at its core to keep businesses and users safe as they send and store information from just about anywhere. For security architects and developers, SecureZIP software simplifies security of data as it moves across numerous hardware platforms, software programs, applications, mobile devices and the cloud.

SecureZIP is available on all major computer platforms. Click on your platform in the left-hand column to find out specifically how SecureZIP can enable you to protect sensitive data, meet compliance demands, and cut costs associated with security, processing and storage.

They make it simple.
We make it secure.

Encrypt your files before they sync to Dropbox®, Box®, Google Drive™, OneDrive® or any other folder on your devices.

PKZIP Product Family

PKZIP continues to be the gold standard in data compression and file management, evolving as your needs have changed. PKZIP compresses and extracts files to greatly reduce required storage space and transmission times. And, by using the ZIP standard, the most widely used file standard in the world, you can easily exchange data across all major enterprise computing platforms more efficiently and effectively, including:

  • PKZIP for z/OS®
  • PKZIP for Linux on z System
  • PKZIP for i5/OS®
  • PKZIP Server
  • PKZIP for Windows Desktop
  • PKZIP for DOS®

With the launch of SecureZIP, PKWARE successfully entered the data security marketplace, combining reliable ZIP compression and strong encryption to deliver a data-centric security solution. Click here to learn more about SecureZIP.

Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK)

For developers, security architects or other information workers who want the highest level of security woven into the way they work, the PKWARE Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a range of easily embedded encryption and performance options.

Smart Encryption SDK features:

  • Strong, easy-to-use encryption to protect data from mainframes and data centers to servers, databases, mobile devices and the cloud
  • Simplified key management that takes the headaches out of access and control
  • Length + Formatting Field Level Encryption, to guard sensitive, identifiable strings information and protect from insider threats
  • Specific security features for Java and Windows
  • A compression library for vastly improved performance and reduced storage (from the inventors of the .ZIP file standard)

Looking for our APPNOTE? PKWARE invented the .ZIP file standard and still manages the ZIP APPNOTE. See the specifications and technical details for .ZIP, one of the most widely used standards in the world.

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