Enterprise - Enterprise Application Modernization

IBM mainframe application development, testing and workload rehosting tools, that revolutionize the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of delivering core business applications.

Enterprise Developer

A powerful integrated development environment (IDE) offering organizations the ability to move development mainframe activities off mainframe, providing agility, flexibility and direct access to new technologies and trends.

Enterprise Test Server

Providing a scalable IBM mainframe application test execution environment on Windows, Enterprise Test Server builds efficiency and quality into today’s IBM mainframe application delivery cycle

Enterprise Server

Execute mainframe workload on your platforms of choice to realise significant cost-saving potential and inject greater flexibility into your IT operation.

Enterprise Analyzer - Application Portfolio Management and Analysis

A comprehensive platform for understanding application portfolios, delivering centralized business and technical insight into a wide range of applications - including mainframe and distributed languages and environments.

Enterprise Analyzer

By providing insight into the technical reality of complex application portfolios, Enterprise Analyzer reveals how applications are truly structured.

Enterprise View

Gives insight into application portfolios through powerful dashboards that monitor key application metrics such as cost, risk, quality and complexity and help identify modernization and development priorities.

Micro Focus Business Rule Manager™

Accelerates the discovery, documentation, and organization of business rules hidden deep within application portfolio, ensuring that applications behave as demanded or required by law.

Visual COBOL and Software Developer Tools

Contemporary COBOL development and deployment tools to modernize business-critical enterprise applications, featuring the ground-breaking Visual COBOL product.

Visual COBOL™

Brings the productivity and collaboration of modern, industry-leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to core COBOL systems – including deploying key business-critical COBOL applications to Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET, JVM and the cloud.

COBOL Server

Highly productive COBOL development environments, enabling developers to produce high performance enterprise applications to run on a wide range of hardware and operating systems.

Additional developer products

Micro Focus stable of robust and powerful products that serve a variety of development purposes and customer communities.

Rumba - Terminal Emulation and User Interface Modernization

Rumba is the world’s most widely used terminal emulation and user interface modernization toolset, it streamlines and modernizes key business processes.


  • Provides a single point of view across multiple applications
  • Greatly improves user productivity
  • Secures sensitive information and data with the highest level of encryption

Micro Focus Rumba®

Provides connectivity from Microsoft Windows desktops to any host system with mission critical reliability. Rumba is the world’s most widely used terminal emulator.

Micro Focus OnWeb®

Converts existing green screen business processes into Web applications and reusable services. OnWeb Server increases a business unit’s ability to generate revenue and decreases the amount of time spent on application maintenance.

Micro Focus Web-to-Host™

Removes the need for individual installations and enables business users to work more efficiently with host-based information from a familiar Web browser.

CORBA - Middleware and Application Server

The Micro Focus CORBA portfolio brings together the world’s most widely used CORBA solutions. Leveraging our enterprise heritage and experience of working with leading Fortune 100 companies our CORBA solutions meet the highest performance and reliability standards.


Orbix® provides the world's most widely deployed enterprise CORBA solutions being embedded in telephone switches, online brokerage systems, rail and road traffic control, large scale banking systems, and subway management.


Orbacus is a source available CORBA 2.6 implementation that is designed for rapid development, deployment and support and its small footprint allows it to be easily embedded into memory constrained applications.


Enables organizations to develop, connect and deploy complex distributed applications that have to meet very high performance and reliability standards.

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