Going beyond malware protection, we provide best in class end-point protection and security management solutions. Developed in Europe for businesses around the globe.

Protection Service for Business

Advanced multi-device security with streamlined central management.

  • Device & Server Security
  • Patch Management
  • Mobile Security

Easy installation, from the cloud

  • Streamlined management for licenses & policies
  • Best suited for up to 500 seats

Business Suite

Scalable security for full control and advanced central management.

  • Device & Server Security
  • Patch Management
  • Virtual Security

Local installation, on-site servers

  • Advanced management for licenses & policies
  • Best suited for 100+ seats


Client Security

for Business Suite

Want the best in detection for your company PCs and virtual desktops? Cover the essential with Client Security.

Workstation Security

for Protection Service for Business

Cybersecurity starts from your workstations. Accept only the best protection, with build-in patch management.

Freedome for Business

for Protection Service for Business

Embrace mobility. Enjoy security, best VPN, and full control of your smart devices with Freedome for Business.

Mobile Security

for Protection Service for Business

Your mobile device is a moving target for cyber villains. Cover your smartphones with Mobile Security.

E-mail & Server Security

for Business Suite

E-mail and Server Security does what it promises. Best in protection, best in practice.

E-mail & Server Security

for Protection Service for Business

Pro Server. Anti virus. True security for servers, with Patch Management, Exchange & Sharepoint components.

Security for Virtual & Cloud Environments

for Business Suite

Going virtual? Steer your business into the clear with Security for Virtual & Cloud Environments.

Linux Security

for Business Suite

Protect your Linux environment against unauthorized access.


Software Updater

Software Updater helps you avoid more than 80% of cyber attacks by giving you automated patch management for 3rd party software and Windows.

Offered with Protection Service for Business and Business Suite Premium.

Protection Service Portal

One Portal. Period. Manage all aspects of security centrally, with build-in Patch and Device Management.

Management portal for Protection Service for Business.

Policy Manager

F-Secure Policy Manager is our central management solution for on-premise security management. Its advanced management tools give you full control over demanding IT environments.

Management solution for Business Suite.


Internet Gatekeeper

for Business Suite

Internet Gatekeeper blocks all data intruders at gateway level. No backdoors, no exceptions.

Protection Service for E-mail

Safe emailing is a business bloodline. Protection Service for Email hosts it for you.

Offered as a stand-alone product.

Messaging Security Gateway

Does your business deal with confidential information? Encrypt all valuable data with Messaging Security Gateway.

Offered as a stand-alone product.


Business Support

Up for tailored support? Our Support Service gets personal with your problems.

Call us at +91 9025 66 55 66 to know more about our Software, Hardware & Service offerings!

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